1. What if the outfit doesn't fit? 

We provide a size chart based on standard Australian sizing and will work with you to ensure it fits. We will also ask you to provide your measurements at checkout so we can ensure a good fit with any minor alterations required. For more details on sizing, please refer to our size chart

2. What if I accidentally damage the product (garment or jewellery)?

We will provide details on how to care for the garment while you have it to ensure the chances of damage are minimised. But we understand, sometimes things happen. In the case of damage, if it can be repaired, you will be charged for the repair. If the garment cannot be repaired, the full cost of the garment will be charged.

3. Do I have to clean the outfits before I send them back? 

There's no need to stress about getting to the dry cleaners, we will handle everything. Simply put the garments back in the mailer you received it in, follow the postage instructions provided and post back to us.

4. How do I know about the quality of the outfits before I buy/ rent them?

We assess each of the donation requests to ensure the garments are of good quality and appropriate for purchase or rent. Each garment is provided a rating out of 3, whereby 3 is never worn or has no damage and 1 is a garment with some wear and tear. Rest assured, however, we don't accept damaged or poor quality garments. 

5. I have multiple outfits to donate, is there an easier way to do so in bulk? 

Shoot us an email on info@joonco.com.au or via contact us with photos and short descriptions of the garment, the sizes and your assessment of the quality. 

6. When and how much do I get paid for the outfits I've donated? 

As a donator, you're entitled to 25% of the sales price when the garment is sold / or rented*. If the garments are not sold within 3 months, you will have the option of receiving them back or we can send them to a charity partner or for disposal if unable to be sent to a charity.
The remainder of the sales cover the cost of shipping when receiving the donations, drycleaning, professional photography and photoshoots and administration of Joon. 
* Only applies to the first rental.